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My Family

We are still  here.

My Friends

All of us are still here.

Lillian Pitt is one of those fast moving, hard driving, but gentle, inland Indians I can't keep up with.  She's an inspirational artist.  Sigh.   http://www.lillianpitt.com

Sunday Afternoon Group, friends,  we met on Sunday afternoons at Chloe French's beautiful cliffside home in Bellingham, Washington.  We'd keep up with our art, our families, our lives.  Over time, life interrupted and we fin that we can only cluster up on rare occassions.  Some of us are Chloe,  Courtney, Lynn, Gloria, Ann, Annette, Beth, Sharon, Davina...

Margaret Foley, a brilliant artist with a gift of creative narrative that results in funding for tribal community development.  There's no one like her.

Jan Cyr, a meditative spirit with the capacity to bring people together in peace and purpose.  A strategist, a grounded coordinator she makes a way for all to be part of the effort.

Peggy Deam is an artist with monumental vision, able to begin a huge project and carry it through, stone by stone, until it's completion reaches proportions even she didn't imagine.  She includes many, and all feel valued and critical to the effort.

Amy Lohr, we traveled together to Alkali Lake, did THE Training together.  Betore that, we each did part of making the First Rural Provider's Conference happen.  Amy continues that important work.