My Annual Migration

My inspiration comes from my yearly routine, or migration, through my world.

Inspiration for creating my  art is seasonal, determined by weather and availability of wild materials.

Spring brings humble jewelery and metalsmithing tools out of storage and outdoors for cuttlebone and lost wax casting. Forging Tinaá or dozens of Potlatch Cuffs is easer outdoors. 

Bright summer days are for harvesting wild materials from beaches and the enveloping rain Forest.  Fibres, sticks, stones and bones are used to create or adorn art.  Summer heat makes hand building pottery and preparing glass for painting and firing a joy.

Autumn rains support the outdoor Raku firing for my summer's handbuilt pottery. Here I begin building a significant feast bowl to fire in the Dragon Kiln, an Anagama kiln community in Astoria, Oregon.  Stone setting, silver fabrication.

Winter  winds and driving rains are cause for firing the four house kilns.  They heat both garage and house while firing ceramics and bold glass panels.  Making marks during winter with ink or flame is compelling during these months.

Harvesting wild materials.

Out having fun.

Metal, glass, paper

Taking classes to find out how to make magic.  Learning the mysteries of metalsmithing large amd itty bitty things that sparkle.

Using my kilns to see how far I can push a lump of clay or chunk of gaffer glass or a sheet of Uroboros.